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Oklahoma Pest Control Services Co. advises homeowners to pest-proof their homes this Spring

We are joining the pest management industry in celebrating National Pest Management Month this April. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) observes April as National Pest Management Month, a recognition that has been occurring for over 30 years. NPMA acknowledges the professional pest control industry’s continued commitment of protecting public health, food and property from common pest-borne threats.

Pest we come in contact with are not only a public health concern, but they can also effect our well-being. Carpenter ants, termites and rodents can cause major property damage by chewing the through walls, flooring and also electrical wiring of properties. Other pests, including cockroaches, stinging insects, mosquitoes, and ticks pose health threats to humans. Allergens from a cockroach can trigger asthma attacks, while stinging insects send more than half-a- million people to the emergency room each year. Mosquitoes can carry Zika virus and West Nile viruses, while Ticks can spread Lyme disease. Homeowners are encouraged to take the necessary precautions to protect their homes from unwanted infestations this spring.

During April, Oklahoma Pest Control Services Co. & the NPMA recommends homeowners follow the tips to pest-proofing their homes this spring to prevent pest infestations:


  • Eliminate sources of standing water or moisture around the house to help reduce mosquito populations.
  • Seal up any small openings and cracks along the foundation of your home with a silicone-based caulk, including the entry points for utilities and pipes.
  • Screen doors, windows and replace the weather-stripping.
  • Trim overhanging branches and shrubbery away from the house, they provide an easy entry-point into the home.
  • Repair loose mortar and keep mulch at least 15-inches away from the foundation.
  • Keep kitchens clean by wiping down counters and keep all food containers sealed.
  • Empty the garbage often and keep indoor and outdoor trash containers sealed and clean.
  • Avoid leaving your pets’ food out in dishes for long periods of time.
  • Place bagged pet food¬† in a secure container – Rodents(rats and mice) like pet food too.
  • Attics, basements and crawl spaces should be kept dry and well ventilated.


If you suspect an infestation or see signs of pests, your next tip is to contact Oklahoma Pest Control Services Co. for a Free Inspection. We will help you choose the the BEST treatment plan for your home to ensure safe and complete pest removal.

For more information about working with a licensed pest control professional in the SW region of Oklahoma, visit OKPest.org.